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Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a silk floral wreath or swag for your home. There are many variables that distinguish one floral wreath from another, other than size, shape, quality and uniqueness of the design. But which one is right for you? Purchasing a good quality floral wreath is a bit of an investment. Here are some things to consider before purchasing.


If you are planning to use this wreath on your front door you will need to consider the size of your home. A big house will dwarf the size of a small wreath and a big wreath on a small house could look out of proportion. So proportion is the key to balancing the wreath and the design (consider the size of elements used in the wreath as well) to your home.

OK, so it is something to consider but in the end it all boils down to what you like. There are no hard and fast rules. Where do you want the focal point to be? It may be your front door, but it could just as well be that big flowerpot on your porch filled with luscious flowers that you want to take center stage. If you have a large porch or a lot of landscaping around the front of your house, you need to think about the sum of the parts.

Entry ways are usually a lot of hardscapes. There is nothing soft about front doors, wood and concrete. Adding anything to soften those lines helps. Whether its a plant, outdoor furniture on a porch or a floral wreath on a door.


Of course, budget is something to consider. If you are planning to use the wreath inside, it is important to have high quality silk flowers. It will make all the difference. If you are using it outside on your front door you have more options for using a less expensive wreath. An outside wreath is meant to make an impression all the way to the curb. Unlike, indoor florals which will be seen much more closely.

Silk flowers come in all price points. Basically, the more expensive the stem is the more realistic looking it will be. But the more realistic looking it is the less it will hold up into the elements. So, while these real looking stems are a must for inside, something less expensive would also be acceptable if used in an outdoor space. Envision a plastic plant, it will hold up great in the rain but not so great to look at.


Some people change their wreaths out seasonally, holiday, or put one up occasionally. Here are a few things to consider. A really good quality silk is not going to hold up in the weather as well as plastic. That being said, who wants a plastic wreath on their door? But if you are purchasing a wreath (say to match your house) and you are going to keep it up all year, look for one that has lots of greenery and maybe not as many flowers or choose flowers such as calla lilies that look so life like in a soft pvc. All forms of pvc have come a long way in looking like a realistic plant. In reality most live plants have a bit of a sheen to them, along with a soft look to the leaves and buds so it is a natural representation of a live plant. Flowers like calla lilies and succulents hold up well over a long period of time, as well as berries and natural items like pinecones and they help to add a lot of texture and interest.


Wreaths and swags can have a lot of different elements in them. That is a part of what makes a piece fun and whimsical. They often can be naturally delicate because of the unique items that are attached. When purchasing you expect that item to get to you in one piece. While no one really has control over how the carriers choose to handle a package, it is important to know how your designer packs their items. A designer that anticipates that someone could mishandle a package and packs accordingly, can make all the difference in a haste free transaction. Are wreaths and swags packed on an anchor board that is attached to the bottom of the box? Is it covered in plastic? Is bubble wrap used to protect the wreath or any attachments? Are any fasteners on the outside of the box covered with tape, just in case it would catch on some of the carriers equipment?


The design and color of the wreath or swag is what most of us find so appealing but how is it constructed is the true test of quality. Are items wired in or is everything glued? You want to find a wreath maker that uses wire, floral picks and glue which makes for a wreath that will last much longer than using glue only.

I think most designers probably start out by watching how other people make wreaths and swags. I know I did. You watch someone else’s construction and just figure that’s the way its done. But after years of experience, I know how important wiring, along with gluing, is in the construction of a floral piece. You want to purchase something that will last and allow you to build a collection instead of always be replacing it.

Wreaths and swags add a “Welcome” to your front door or a three-dimensional piece of art to your interior rooms. Either way you choose to use them, they always bring in a touch of the outdoors by adding the beauty of flowers.

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